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 ZAPU unearths massive voter intimidation in Nkayi

by Staff Reporter
 2 hrs ago | 400 Views
Zimbabwe opposition parties are faced with a familiar conundrum—fairly sure that the election they are facing in a couple of months will be rigged, but unsure how they will prove it.

There is already evidence that in many parts of the country, especially rural areas a clear intimidation and threat of repression is widespread, including the use of force against those don’t tore in line with the rulling party Zanu.

It is evident from the Junta ‘s history that neither domestic courts are likely to declare an election un free or unfair on the basis of this kind of background manipulation, although the international community will find the election process to be marked by a lack of transparency and worrying irregularities.

At the end of the day, it is only hard evidence of ballot box stuffing or faulty vote tallying that is likely to sway them. Up to now not even a single implementation of voter improvement has been done; both the Mnangagwa and Electoral Commision is mum about it this crucial matter.

ZAPU national secretary of cultural affairs Cosmas Mafu has reported massive voter intimidation by ZANU PF in Nkayi.

According to the ZAPU official, would be voters in Nkayi North have since vowed never to participate in the forthcoming elections fearing a repeat of what befell them during Gukurahundi.

The villagers in ward 6 told Mafu how village headman Nqamu, his wife and Danoti Ndlovu have terrorized them since beginning of BVR exercise

Ngqamu, who is also believed to be ZANU PF chairman in the area, together with the other two officials of the party have instructed youth secretary Phephile Ncube to collect serial numbers from every villager soon after they register.

Ncube is also in possession of ZANU PF forms that capture all identity and contact information of residents, including their addresses and dates of birth.

Because of this most would be voters have vowed never to cast their votes in the constituency saying the way ZANU PF is operating is the same way it did during Gukurahundi, listing names of people and later rounding the listed ones for slaughter, most times in front of their families. They fear the same as all their details have been collected by the same people who carried out Gukurahundi, in the same fashion they did then.

One of the residents, a woman has vowed to leave the area with her children and return after the elections. She says she and her family would rather be away during elections so that nobody asks them who they voted for.

Asked to explain, Ncube said that hers was only carrying out the instructions which she alleged came from ZANU PF headquarters and relayed through Nqamu, his wife and Danoti Sibanda.

Mafu sought audience with ZANU PF central committee member in the area Amos Mkhwananzi, who stammered when asked about the registration slips. Mkhwananzi told the ZAPU official that they were going to meet the CIO over the weekend and discuss the matter, after which he would come back to Mafu. He however never came back.

The saga has also sucked in the MP of the area, Sithembiso Nyoni who allegedly was heard at one of her meetings warning those who refused with their serial numbers saying, "ozakwala zindaba zakhe ngoba uRugeje uyeza emalangeni. Ufuna ukuthola ama serial number wonke ekimi". Rugeje is ZANU PF national commissar; the most notorious Gukurahundist.

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