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Governing from the mainstream

Governing from the mainstream


If we do not take decisions now to address these challenges, our country risks becoming weaker, poorer and less stable; but if we show leadership and grasp the opportunities that these giant challenges present, Zimbabwe can emerge after Mugabe era, look beyond it and launch into the future with confidence. To do that, we will need to govern in the manner established by Dr Dumiso Dabengwa since he became the President of Zapu last year. We must reject the ideological templates provided by the socialist left and the libertarian right and instead embrace the mainstream view that recognises the good that Zapu government can do. Rather than pursue an agenda based on a supposed centre ground defined and established by elites in Harare, we will govern in the interests of the mainstream of the Zimbabwe public. We will get on with the job and take Zimbabweans out of poverty that was brought in by the Zanu. We will restore the public finances and maintain economic stability. We will reduce and control in equality. We will be resolute in defending the country from terrorism and other security threats. We will also stand up to those in positions of power who abuse that privilege.

We will run public services in accordance with their values as important local and national institutions. We will not only guarantee but enhance workers’ rights and protections. And we will develop our ambitious modern industrial strategy to get the economy working for everyone, across the whole of our nation. Under the strong and stable leadership of Dumiso Dabengwa, there will be no ideological crusades. The government’s agenda will not be allowed to drift to the right. Our starting point is that we should take decisions on the basis of what works. And we will always be guided by what matters to the ordinary, working families of this nation. We will govern in the interests of ordinary, working families without any form of tribalism we are experiencing right now under Zanu government. The work of the government under her leadership will be driven not for the benefit of a privileged few but by the interests of ordinary, working families: people who have a job but do not always have job security; people who own their own home but worry about paying for simple services that are not even there; people who can just about manage but worry about the cost of living and getting their children into a good school.

These families have been ignored by the rulling Zanu government, and by others in positions of power, for too long. Yet they do not ask for much: they want to get on with their lives, to do their best for their children, to have a fair chance. Under Dumiso Dabengwa’s leadership, they will no longer be ignored. They are the people to whom Zapu government will dedicate its power. They are the people who work hard every day and get nothing in return. And they are the people who deserve strong and stable leadership from a government that is determined to address the major giant challenges we face – and make the right long-term decisions for the future of Zimbabwe.

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Last modified on Friday, 17/11/2017

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