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Eulogy of Cde Busani-Bhalagwe-kaMafefe-Ncube - Hamba kahle Qhawe

Hamba kahle Qhawe !!! Hamba kahle Qhawe !!!
Opinion / Columnist
by Zapu Information Department
01st September 2017 at 05:08hrs | 10 Views

Eulogy of CdeBusani-Bhalagwe-kaMafefe-Ncube.


As Salamu-Alaykum comrades, Peace be upon All of You.

Comrades, Friends and family members thank you for the silence at this moment.  I stand in front of you in honor to our respectively late ZAPU Information and Publicity Secretary here in the Republic of South Africa.

Comrades we have known each other with comrade Busani Bhalagwe during extremely difficult times when ZAPU pulled out of Unity Accord with ZANU regime in 2009. Cde-Bhalagwe was our Provincial Media Liaison Officer who was able to stage manage our adversaries.  Cde Busani Bhalagwe served ZAPU since 2009 when he was authentically elected as our Provincial Secretary for Information & Publicity here in South Africa province.  Cde Bhalagwe knew what it was like to live a nomadic life under harsh revolutionary conditions against the Harare regime. At the time I was the PEC Head of Security in South Africa & ZPRA Secretary.

Comrades one of the harsh realities of our Zimbabwe struggle is that our fellow comrades die in foreign countries.  The death of Cde Bhalagwe is a traumatic event to all ZAPU members. Fellow Comrades & family Please note Cde Busani Bhalagwe was a ZAPU defender, a protector, a supporter, a victor, an activist, and a warrior. I have no doubt some of our comrades can witness that. Comrades,  Friends and Family we are all aware the greatest sacrifice, courage and devotion to ZAPU duties Cde- Busani-Bhalagwe put himself in. His name will remain enshrined on the scrolls within ZAPU.

Cde-Busani-Bhalagwe being a politician was part of his life it was what he truly wanted to do.  Comrades some sit around and complain all day how wrong this ZANU regime is but Cde-Bhalagwe continued to fight for you and me.  Those of us who remain behind will remember, and continue to remember him because he now resides forever in our hearts. Cde Busani fought for our country, our nation and people in many ways. It makes me teary when I think of Cde- Bhalagwe. He was full of life he had so much to offer to the people of Zimbabwe.  He risked his life against the Zimbabwe state media propaganda.  He had a raw courage against the evil system of ZANU, today he joins our revolutionary heroes like Cde J. Z. Moyo, Cde Lookout Masuku and umdala-wethu- Cde Joshua Nkomo and many more ZAPU leaders.  Comrades and friends it is wrong to mourn comrade Busani rather we should thank God The Almighty that such a comrade lived in this world with us.

Although Cde Busani is no more the fact he left a big courage nerve to thousands of ZAPU members and supporters comrades.  We owe a debt of gratitude to Cde- Bhalagwe who has paid his ultimate price for our revolutionary cause until his last day on earth. In the name of Cde Busani Bhalagwe Ncube let’s make sure we all vote for ZAPU in 2018 elections and make sure his wishes do not go in vain.  To all comrades gathered here we say farewell to our leader and philosopher.  My advise to all those comrades deployed by ZAPU please know that no one lives permanently in this world. But let’s live the same legacy left behind by comrade Busani kaMafefe.

Even though comrade Bhalagwe has departed this world of the living we will still walk tall throughout because of his inspirations he left behind.  His quality leadership made us proud to call ourselves ZAPU members led by Cde President Dumiso Dabengwa.  Cde Busani Bhalagwe resisted pressure from our adversaries when we revived ZAPU. Based on his long standing principles for upholding human rights he did not give in until his last day on earth.

In Conclusion

In memory of this brave son of the soil we assure you Cde Busani that we will not be bullied and intimidated by anyone to abandon the principles you educated us.You were our political commissar

We promise that if our adversaries come out to fight they will be met with a disciplined lethal ferocity they have never endured.  If again they play sly games of intimidating and torturing the innocent people of Zimbabwe when they think we are not looking they will be met with cunning, sophisticated and relentless that will lead to their humiliating defeat.  This is my promise to you Cde- Bhalagwe as your comrade who worked with you and from all of us ZAPU members gathered here today to our honored departed hero.

Cde Busani, s professionalism, discipline, honor and self-sacrifice speaks of extraordinary nobility of his character comrades.  We thank his parents to give birth on such a noble comrade who have made ZAPU great and we will continue to preserve his good judgments, courage, tact, cooperativeness and intelligent characteristics.

For those who want to support us by getting Zimbabwe free as soon as possible, I have one comment for you! Please join us now that is all we are asking for if necessary to finish the job which was left behind by our hero Cde Busani Bhalagwe kaMafefe Ncube.

On behalf ZAPU & ZPRA we salute you comrade Busani-Bhalagwe.

We all pray to God to Have Mercy and Forgive him in all sins he may have committed whilst living on earth.

Let all Holy Angels Welcome our Son of the soil.

I thank you

By  ZAPU National Information and Publicity

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Last modified on Wednesday, 01/11/2017

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