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News / Press Release
by Zapu InfoDesk
 07 Jul 2016 at 06:01hrs | 4798 Views

The demonstrators needed no further invitation as they had quickly cottoned onto the idea seconds earlier. They soon covered the road, making it impossible to pass through. The Chinamasas were stuck. The demonstrators sang revolutionary songs reminiscent of the old Umvukela-Chimurenga days. They were ably matched by colleagues from the various groups that attended this demo. Shouting 'murderers ' throughout, the demonstrators scuffled with Her Majesty's police officers. Chinamasa and his CIO contingent could not face or address the crowds. They left with egg on their face.

It was just another day at the office for Arnold and Makhekhe.Zapu is unhappy to see Zanu-pf  stooges attempt to hoodwink the international investors by portraying a semblance of democracy and peace back home in Zimbabwe. Nothing could be further from the truth. A revolution was in progress as Chinamasa extended his begging bowl for lawns, donations and investment contracts. Harare was in flames, yet they continued with their efforts of presenting their business case. They lied and lied about the state of affairs back home. During this trip to London they denied everything, no looting, no starvation back home, no stolen 15 Billion just mispricing and all the blame was laid at the door of the western world.

They left the negotiating room empty handed.The demonstrators' message was loud and clear: Mugabe must go, Zanu must fall. As for the two Zapu boys, they had fought the Zapu way and showed those present that, Zapu, the sleeping giant has finally woken up. They left their colleagues hankering for more but London was many miles away from home and so they had to head back to HQ. 'We will be back in full force next time' vowed Makhekhe ' Zapu will not sit back and watch these vultures fool the international community anymore.'

Source - Zapu InfoDesk

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