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The NEC is the main administrative organ of the Party and responsible for the day to day administration of the Party. The NEC  comprise: 

   1. The President 
  2. The Vice-President
  3. The Secretary-General
  4. The Treasurer-General
  5. The Secretary for Mobilization and Organisation 
  6. The Secretary for Publicity, Information and Marketing 
  7. The Secretary for International Relations 
  8. The Secretary for Legal and Special Affairs 
  9. The Secretary for Security 
10. The Secretary for Education 
11. The Secretary for Welfare and Health 
12. The Secretary for Economic Development 
13. The Secretary for Policy and Strategy 
14. The Secretary for Arts & Culture 
15. The Secretary for Lands and Agriculture
16. The National Chairperson of the Council of Elders 
17. The ZAWU Chairperson 
18. The ZAPU Youth Front Chairperson 
19. Committee Member 
20. Committee Member 
The National Executive Council may appoint from among its committee members or from among members of the National People’s Council two members, one as alternate National Secretary and the other as Alternate Treasurer-General, or as Deputy Secretary in any portfolio. 
1. The President
1.1. The President shall be the Supreme Executive Officer of the Party and all other officers of the Party including members of the National Executive Council and the N.P.C. shall execute their duties under the charge of the President;
1.2. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall carry out his/her functions;
1.3. The President shall preside over all sessions of the National Executive Council;
1.4. The President shall exercise a casting vote only at all meetings he presides over;
1.5. The President, by addressing ZAPU meetings (public and private) or otherwise, shall provide ideological guidance to the Party; 
1.6. The President shall draw up rules of procedure for all meetings he presides over, and of the Party generally.
2. The Vice-President
The Vice-President shall deputise the President in the exercise of the functions of the office of the President. 
3. Secretary General The Secretary General shall: 
3.1. be the executive and coordinating official of the Party; 
3.2. be responsible for the safe keeping of the records of the Party; 
3.3. define the functions and responsibilities of regional coordinators and directorates of the Party; 
3.4. keep the Presidency, National Executive Council, and National People’s Council informed of the state of the Party and of developments on all issues.
4. The Treasurer General
The Treasurer General shall be the National Secretary for finance and resource mobilisation, reporting to the NEC 
4.1. s/he shall see to the collection, centralisation, safe-keeping and proper expenditure of all funds of the Party; 
4.2. s/he shall ensure that accurate records of all moneys other assets of ZAPU are kept by Branches, Districts, Provinces and Regions or any other individuals/groupings/organisations authorized to keep or use money or assets belonging or pledged to the party; 
4.3. the Central Account of all ZAPU funds shall be called the ZAPU NATIONAL ACCOUNT and shall be opened by the Treasurer-General with a bank or financial establishment selected by the National Executive Council;
4.4. but for the National Executive Council through the Treasurer-General, no member, branch, or any organ of ZAPU shall open an account with any bank or any financial institution for keeping of any funds of ZAPU, save where specifically authorised in writing by the Treasurer-General;
4.5. s/he shall have unrestricted access to all records of ZAPU funds and assets kept by anyone, anywhere, whenever s/he deems it fit in the course of duty;
4.6. any amount of money belonging to the Party held by an individual, Branch, District, Province, Region or any other organ of ZAPU shall be transmitted to the ZAPU National Account in such manner as shall be determined in writing only by the Treasurer General;
4.7. funds of the Party shall be raised by:-
Joining fees
• Donations
• Social functions such as concerts etc.
Collections at public gatherings
• Purchase and sale of articles or goods of whatever description permitted by law
Any other lawful means authorized by this official;
4.8. this official shall, from time to time, issue directives and regulations governing the collection, transmission, distribution and expenditure of ZAPU funds and assets. These shall be binding on every member, branch or any other organ of ZAPU; and it shall be a gross breach of discipline for any member, any branch or any other organ of ZAPU to modify or attempt to modify in any manner or disregard the directive or regulations so made.

5. The National Secretary for Mobilisation and Organisation

The National Secretary for Mobilisation and Organisation shall see to the creation, consolidation and development of Partymembership and structures. S/he shall formulate, supervise and superintend the activities of Regional, Provincial, Districtand Branch party organs and structures, make rules and regulations relating to party organisation and mobilisation, and exercise powers and discharge functions connected with or incidental to the aforesaid mandate.




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