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Mat. South Provincial Executive Committee  consist of 18 (eighteen) members as specified below:

   Cde. ??????????                      Cde. ?????????                     Cde. ?????????                      Cde. ??????????


1.The Chairperson               2. The Vice-Chairperson                3. The Secretary                     4. Sec.For Mob.& Org.

5. The Treasurer and Resource Mobilisation Secretary. 

6. The Secretary for Education  7. The Secretary for Welfare and Health 

8. The Secretary for Economic Development 

9. The Secretary for Information, Publicity, and Marketing 

10. The Secretary for Legal Affairs 

11. The Secretary for Arts & Culture 

12. The Secretary for Security 

13. The Secretary for Policy and Strategy 

14. The ZAWU Chairperson 

15. The Youth Chairperson 

16. The Council of Elders Chairperson 

17. Committee Member 

18. Committee Member  


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