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2008 Withdrawal from Unity Accord

Under the influence of Benny Ncube and Dumiso Dabengwa in mid-October 2008, in the midst of the ongoing negotiations with rival parties, a group of former PF ZAPU and Zipra members became outspoken in the desire to dissolve the alliance with ZANU - PF. According to the website, the members convened a meeting in on 8 November 2008 and it was decided:

  1. That the political structure of ZAPU cease to operate under the title ZANU - PF and to resume the title ZAPU.
  2. That all party structures operate under the authority of the Constitution of ZAPU.
  3. That the District Councils should meet to prepare for and convene a Consultative Conference consisting of the ten Provinces by December 2008, for the purpose of electing an Interim Executive charged with the responsibility to mobilise and restructure the party and convene the party Congress by March 2009, in terms of Article 6 of the constitution of ZAPU.
  4. That a campaign to mobilise resources in the country, from well-wishers everywhere, from fraternal political parties and International Organisations be undertaken forthwith.
  5. To engage as necessary in the negotiations and peace building initiatives to emeliorate the political and economic hardships presently being endured by the people of Zimbabwe.
  6. To convene a consultative Conference consisting of all the ten political Provinces by December 2008 for the purpose of electing an Interim Executive, charged to mobilise and restructure the party and convene the Party's Congress by March 2009, in terms of Article 6 of the Constitution of ZAPU.
  7. This is done and agreed to by us the delegates to the Consultative Meeting at Stanley Square, Bulawayo on 8 November 2008.

This resulted in a party-internal controversy which culminated in an official severing of ties with ZANU-PF in December 2008.

2016 Withdrawal From ZNLWVA

Ex-ZIPRA cadres officially withdrew their membership from the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association which is under the administration of ZANU PF.They moved on to revive ZIPRA with the interim executive of the association being led by Benny Ncube as chairperson,Tapson Moyo as vice chairperson,Petros Sibanda as secretary, Job Ndlovu as deputy secretary,Belinda Ndebele as treasurer and committee members are Stanley Ncube and Clement Malaba Ncube.The committee's mandate is to set up the association's structures in provinces and districts in preparation for the inaugural congress where substantive executive will be elected.The association will function in close association with the mother party ZAPU.

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